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     It's time to get away! Join your friends and team up in this coop adventure where Icy and Pocky must save the Sweet Kingdom from the mighty Guardian Golem.

🎮 Play with Joystick or Keyboard ⌨️

     Icy will shout his shield so Pocky can attack, and the Sweet Spirit will light the way! You can defeat the enemies along the way with incredible combos, but be careful and run against time, because the Guardian Golem is always watching.

     This game was produced by a group of students to meet the demand of the disciplines of the course of Digital Games Development. We hope you enjoy it! Please do not forget to comment and give feedback!

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Art 🎨Programming 👨‍💻
Emmanuel Spranger - Animator
Gabriel Habran - Gameplay Programmer, Animator, Level Designer & Sound Designer
Isabelle Oliveira - Project Manager, 3D Artist, Concept Designer, Level Designer, Texture, Shader Config. & UI/UX
Marcelo Chaves - Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer & Sound Designer
Mateus Varandas - Animator & Shader Programmer

Dormir Não Dá XP Studio


Sweet Runaway (version 1.7) 121 MB
Sweet Runaway (version 1.7) 125 MB

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Marcelo, você desenvolve esses jogos sozinho ou em equipe?

Recomendação: Criem uma build pra Linux... muita gente usa e ajudaria a comunidade. Só... uma idéia.

Vamos seguir sua recomendação. Valeu, Klaus!